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The program would discuss some political issues in Hong Kong with Miss Emily Lau, the new chairperson of the Democratic Party.




-- Due to copyright restriction, no online video is available for this episode. --


The Pulse

There have increasingly been complaints about threats to the independence of two of Hong Kong's most chrished freedoms: in the judiciary and in academic studies.

Hong Kong Connection

A little more than half a century ago, political movements swept across China like continuous tidal waves, wreaking havoc throughout the country. Famine spread like a deadly plague.


外傭居港權釋法 飲鴆止渴       律政司建議終審法院就外傭居港權案,考慮向人大常委提呈釋法,尋求人大常委會澄清99年就居港權案釋法時附帶提及的籌委會《意見》,是否屬於釋法的一部份,藉以同時解決「外傭居港權」及「雙非」問題。此舉措引起法律界嘩然,有學者認為是「項莊舞劍,意在沛公」,一旦釋法,便會徹底改變了本港法院沿用普通法理解法律的原則,閹割香港的司法自治,收窄法院的權力。