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林太教育新資源 , 快樂升學償所願?自資學位求信譽 , 康莊前途任君選?(What do You Expect from Measures on New Resources for Quality Education?) (09 Jul 2017)


林太教育新資源 , 快樂升學償所願?自資學位求信譽 , 康莊前途任君選?

出席嘉賓: 陳美齡 浸會大學傳理學院客席教授 Agnes Chan Visiting Professor, School of Communication , HKBU 阮博文 自資高等教育聯盟主席 Peter Yuen Chairman, Federation for Self-financing Tertiary Education 葉建源 立法會議員(教育界) Ip Kin Yuen Member, LegCo (Education) 韋佩婷 珠海學院學生會主席 Wai Prudence President, Student Union, Chu Hai College of Higher Education 主持 蘇敬恆

Publish Date: 
Sunday, July 9, 2017
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