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創意點成金 (21 Jun 2003)


點子成金︰將創意化成商品,並成功進軍外國市場的香港人故事。一個葵涌的窮家小子如何得到荷蘭飛利浦公司的聘書,再成為第一個獲煤氣公司邀請做產品設計的本地設計師。This is a tale about a lad from a grassroots family who got a job in Phillips Corporation in the Netherlands and later became the first local product designer hired by Hong Kong Towngas. 點「子」接班人︰創意需要接班人,如何燃點下一代創意之夢。一個六年級的小學生有個公公是搞鬼發明家,受其影響,小小年紀的他已有多項發明,包括發熱牛油盅和萬能扶手杖等,前者更奪得全中國青少年發明比賽第三名。難得的是他的家人從不嫌他打爛沙盆問到篤,讓他盡情發揮創意。A Primary 6 boy inherits a sense of innovation from his grandfather. He has created several inventions includes “ Multipurpose Walking Stick ” and the award-winning “ Butter Heater ” . His curiosity and creativity are boosted by his family ’ s endurance and supports. 一點成金︰有創意,再加上專家指點,一盤剛起步的生意也可商機無限。聲音也可以看得到?Phonature(聲畫轉移技術)便能將聲音用圖案顯示,利用規律化的圖案分辨音準,從而幫助音樂和語言的學習。Can sound be visible? Phonature, a computer software, converts sound into visual patterns according to the characteristics of the sound being processed. It becomes an objective metric for vocal, musical aining and speech learning.點「子」變身咁簡單︰一個意念便化腐朽為神奇,創作不一定由零開始,其實有許多方式可以為傳統增值。香港的公共設施例如電話亭多由外國人設計,本地一位產品設計師反而為台灣的公共電話亭改頭換面。Most public facilities such as phone booth in Hong Kong are designed by foreigners, whereas Taiwanese phone booths are decorated by a Hong Kong designer.

Publish Date: 
Saturday, June 21, 2003
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