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創意點成金 (19 Jul 2003)


點「子」變身咁簡單︰一個意念便化腐朽為神奇,創作不一定由零開始,其實有許多方式可以為傳統增值。一塊布除了可以剪裁成衣服,原來可以度身訂造相簿。Clothing as well as tailor-made photo album can be made from a piece of cloth.點「子」接班人︰創意需要接班人,如何燃點下一代創意之夢。兩個十四歲的中學生,設計了一個智能機械人,可作為家中保安,成功得到2003年度香港賽馬會青少年科技創新大賽中學組第一名。Two 14-year-old boys invented a robot for household security, and won the champion of Secondary School Group in the 2003 Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Invention Contest.點子成金︰將創意化成商品,並成功進軍外國市場的香港人故事。平面設計師韓秉華為上海設計了約五十款八達通咭,還為上海申辦世界博覽會創作了一系列禮品。In Shanghai, a HK graphic designer has made 50 designs of octopus card, in addition to the souvenirs for Shanghai's bid for World Expo 2010. 點東點西︰報道各地有趣的新創意新發明,擴闊我們的視野。美國人花了三十年時間研究發明一部會飛的車,現在已經成形。What a shocking news: Americans are building flying cars.一點成金︰有創意,再加上專家指點,一盤剛起步的生意也可商機無限。印度一個農民,窮則變變則通,用竹自製鞋、衫、帽、甚至假牙,最後還砌了一部竹製單車代步。結果這部單車在2001年第一屆印度「本土草根發明比賽」中獲獎,為他羸取了二萬五千盧布,相等於五百元美金。當地政府已經成立基金,研究將草根的發明轉化成商品。Under constrained living conditions, an Indian peasant made shoes, clothes, hats in addition to false tooth and bicycle from bamboo. The bamboo bicycle brought him a bonus of 25,000 Indian Rupee (USD$500) in the 2001 National Grassroots Technological Innovation and Traditional Knowledge Awards in India. The Indian government has established a research fund for launching innovative products into the market.

Publish Date: 
Saturday, July 19, 2003
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