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創意點成金 (05 Jul 2003)


點「子」接班人︰創意需要接班人,如何燃點下一代創意之夢。 不刻意討好聽眾、沒有大力宣傳,二人少女組合 at17視音樂創作為一種享受及表達自己的方式。當流行曲充斥著情愛作品,她們反樸歸真,用結他創作民謠,隨意哼出來的歌曲,又竟然賣了二萬張唱片。The girl group “ At 17 ” believes music composition is a way to express and relax. While the pop music world is engaged by imaginations of romantic love, they go back to basic and write folk songs with guitars. Although they refuse to massive publicity and pay no attention to audience ’ s preference, they successfully sold 20,000 of their new album.點「子」變身咁簡單︰一個意念便化腐朽為神奇,創作不一定由零開始,其實有許多方式可以為傳統增值。 麥兜和麥太兩母子最近雙雙起了個法文名字,還將香港的大飽推銷到法國,「擦亮香港」。原來《麥兜故事》揚威在法國舉行的安錫國際電影動畫節,並於今年七月在全國上映。Mcdull, a local cartoon character, and his mother get new French names recently. Their story “ My life as Mcdull ” is introduced in the International Animation Festival in Anncy, France, which brings Hong Kong culture overseas. The film will have its first screening over the country in July.一點成金︰有創意,再加上專家指點,一盤剛起步的生意也可商機無限。 一個鍾情蘭花三十五載的蘭花癡,看準東南亞龐大的蘭花出口市場,計劃興建溫室大量培植國蘭,還發明了幾何級數繁殖法,令國蘭的繁殖量倍增。 An orchid-maniac fell in love with orchid for 35 years. He has an eye for the business opportunities of orchid exporting in Southeast Asia. He plans to build greenhouses and grows orchid in expanding quantity.點子成金︰將創意化成商品,並成功進軍外國市場的香港人故事。 一樣的建築師、不一樣的老板。人家只請資深員工,他卻只請年輕初哥,愛他們創意無限。雖然作品經常揚威海外,但他仍努力突破,甚至跨越設計的界別,為意大利名牌設計茶杯,把潮州的功夫茶放到國際的焦點下。He is an unusual architect as well as an exceptional boss. He prefers new comers to experienced professionals for their unlimited creativity. His designs are well-known to foreigners, but he still strives for further achievements. He makes teacups for an Italian brand name, which brings the art of Chiu Chow tea to the international platform.

Publish Date: 
Saturday, July 5, 2003
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