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Microfilm Reader


Two microfilm readers are provided in Multimedia & Language Learning Centre (MLLC).

The microfilm reader's video guide button



1. Switch on the computer and the microfilm reader at its back.

The switch of the microfilm reader


2. Open the "Power Scan 2000".


3. Choose the size of the film.

The microfilm reader's screen


4. Install the film.

Install the film


5. Adjust the image by "Zoom In / Out", "rotate" or adjust the brightness and contrast.

Zoom In / Out


6. To scan some information, move the green frame to that part and press "Scan to Drive".

Scan to Drive


7. To print the information, press "Print to Drive".

8. To take off the film after use, pull out the reader and press "Rewind" twice.

    Log off the computer and switch off the power of the reader.