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Thank for your email. Your suggestion will certainly be useful for us in planning future keyboard replacement.

In responding to the need for quiet studying space, Library staff and Library Service Ambassadors have regular patrol on public areas during the opening hours. They will actively remind users to avoid making too much noise.  If you require our attention and assistance, please feel free to contact our duty staff at the Circulation Counter, MLLC Counter or Information Commons Helpdesk.  We shall send a staff to assist as soon as possible.  You can also send us a WhatsApp message at number 6057-6002 (Service Hours: 11:00-19:00 Monday to Friday) so that we can take immediate action.

Best Regards,
Andrew Liu
Access and Circulation Librarian


I am a graduate and came to the library recently. When I used a public PC to search information and read e-books/e-journals, one male student used one public PC next to me. He used the software WORD to write his paper. He produced loud clicks and much noise when he typed the keyboard. The loud key clicks disturbed other users and students using other public PCs to study. One female student asked the male student to reduce the noises but the problem continued. She finally left and used other public PC. I also left and found other public PC to continue my work as I could not focus on my work with such loud clicks next to me. In view of this unsatisfactory experience and the library as a quiet place to study, the following is suggested.

(1) Replace all existing mechanical keyboards with quiet keyboards. You may find the product information of quiet keyboard from the internet easily.
(2) Include the requirement of quiet keyboards when the library purchase new PCs.
(3) Library staff make regular patrols in all PC areas and advise users who produce loud clicks to type lightly the keyboard.

For your consideration. Thanks.