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Thank you for your email. According to the library policy, the room will be released to others if the user does not show up after 15 minutes ( This will ensure the library facilities can be used in the most effective way.  In fact there is no way for us to know if the original user will come to use the room or not.  In case any user misses his / her original booking, he or she can check if there are other rooms available that time and approach our Circulation Counter for necessary arrangement.

Thank you for your understanding.


Best regards,

Andrew Liu

Access and Circulation Librarian 


I am writing to talk about the room booking systems of library. I recently booked a room for a consecutive 4 sessions from 1330 to 1530. However, my fellows and I turned out to be late and showed up at 1432. Apparently, the system assumed us not to show up for all 4 sessions and at last opened the sessions to public for walking in. I found it unfair for pre-registered users that we would not able to have the room even we arrive within the booking time. In other words, we arrived at 1432, and its session should be ended at 1500, we still cannot have the room back at 1500 if we book the room until 1530 because the system has opened all session to public. It is a bit unfair for users like us for booking rooms in advance. Hardly could ink express my disappointment, and I sincerely hope that you would reply for it. Thank you.