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Thank you for your suggestion to the Library. It is a very useful one. We invited the Facilities Management Division of the Comptroller's Office to look at the possible sites in library and advise on the construction, hygiene and related issues. After their feasibility study, we will discuss with the university administration for a budget. We shall keep you informed of the progress.



Tommy Yeung

Associate Librarian


To whom it may concern,

LN has the most lovely library I have ever met. As one of the LN students, I have benefited and enjoyed the good service provided by the LN library. Due to the enjoyable study environment of the LN library, I have spent most of my time studying in the library. However, one thing I found incovenient is that I could not find hot water in the library. Though the library provides cold water in the third floor and different kinds of drinks in the lobby of the first floor, it will be better if the library provides hot water as another alternative. Hot water is necessary for students who could not drink cold water due to health problems and is particularly important in winter since it can keep students warm.

Up to now, I have to get hot water from Canteen when I feel thirsty and have to go back hostel for hot water on Sunday when Canteen close. I am looking fowards to getting hot water directly in the library. Thank you for attention.