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Different libraries have different circulation policies and procedures. The regulation for recalling books at Lingnan has been implemented since the mid-1990s, taking into consideration of students, even if they are part-time students, should have class on campus once a week. The 7-day return policy will also strike a balance between the original borrower and the new requester who needs the library material for his learning and research use as well.

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Access and Circulation Librarian



I haved just noticed that, the due date on the recalled books should return to the library within a week, I think that is ridiculous, just take a look on such regulations in other Universities


Hong Kong University

The loan period will then be shortened and the item has to be returned within 10 days from the date of recall.


Polytechnic University

the user still has 11 more days to keep the book


City Universsty

4.7.4. The user will need to return the recalled item in 15 days or by the original due date, whichever comes earlier.


It is an unaccepatble policy, especially for a part-time student who could not check their email frequently. Please take you into that situation, a part-time student has to struggle with the daytime work, trips by trips, on the other hand, he has to read thousand of resources, making interviews, reading books, preparing papers, who suppose to have time to check email account with lost of unuseful materials?

And then you tell me a was blocked after I could not fail to read my email within this week and fined with 2 days lat penalty?  


Please tell me why the library would take 7 days for students to return the book, but not 1 day, 2 months, 3 years? Please provide a reason. It would be graceful if you could get back to me within 2 days ( 1 day for you to read and 1 day for reply)