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Conduct of Library Users (Excerpt from the University Calendar)

  1. All Library users should abide by the Library Regulations and follow any other instructions from the Library staff on the use of the Library.
  2. The Librarian or deputy may temporarily exclude any person who has infringed any of the Library Regulations or who has interfered with the comfort of the other users and the work of the Library staff.
  3. Umbrellas, food, drink or anything which in the opinion of the Library staff may interfere with the proper use and management of the Library are not permitted inside the Library.
  4. Users must not wear rain-coats or any clothing likely to soil Library property.
  5. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Library. Any user found smoking in the Library will be sent to appropriate University disciplinary bodies.
  6. No games are allowed in the Library.
  7. Library users are required to sit in the seats provided. Tables and chairs should not be moved from their original positions.
  8. Reservation of seats in the Library is not permitted. Items including library books left unattended on Library desks exceeding twenty minutes may be removed by the Library staff.
  9. The Library is not responsible for the safe keeping of any belongings left in the Library.
  10. Silence must be maintained in the Library. Use of mobile phones or pagers will lead to disciplinary actions.
  11. All Library materials must be kept clean and in good condition. Any user found mutilating or defacing Library materials will be sent to appropriate University disciplinary bodies.
  12. When doing photocopies in the Library, the users must observe the laws regarding copyright. Users are warned that they are fully responsible for any legal consequences that may arise concerning copyright.
  13. When necessary, the Library may make special arrangements concerning the use of particular areas of the Library.