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Library Renovation and Spatial Reorganisation 2020 at Fong Sum Wood Library

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We gathered the following requests from staff and students in the consultation sessions in 2015 and 2016:

  1. Different styles of study spaces, including individual study rooms, individual study carrels and collaborative work areas for group projects and discussion
  2. More space not only for study but also for different types of learning activities, such as seminars, exhibitions, maker space etc.
  3. 24-hour access to the Library as we are the only Library that cannot provide such round-the-clock service among other UGC-funded Universities in Hong Kong
  4. Research space for researchers and academics
  5. An internal lift to provide barrier-free access space inside the Library for easy navigation to different floors and to assist students with accessibility needs
  6. Replace the ageing IT infrastructure including the CAT5 cabling systems for computer connections and 100BaseT network switch

All these voices are heard loud and clear. They will be all incorporated into the design of the Library at the section Major Changes.