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Vision of the Renovation


Library Renovation and Spatial Reorganisation 2020 at Fong Sum Wood Library

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This Library Renovation Project is established on the basis of the above users’ voices and the Library’s mission. We are committed to providing a compelling and inspiring space and facilities for enriching the learning, teaching and research of the University so that the Library will become the knowledge hub and intellectual heart of Lingnan University to support and advance its scholarly pursuits.

Under the wave of transformation, the library functions have been extended significantly. The Library is not just a place for connecting users with books and other scholarly resources, it is also a place for study, research, creation, knowledge exchange, crystallization of innovative ideas and experiential learning. To tie in with the changing library functions, it is our vision to bring a vibrant and unorthodox learning environment to all our core users including students, staff and alumni of the University after the renovation. The following are the key elements in this vision:

  1. A new mezzanine floor between 1/F and 2/F will be built to provide the new space that is equipped with appropriate technology and tools to inspire students to experiment, to test and to try their innovative ideas to promote entrepreneurship spirit. It should also be a place where students can learn freely from the different training courses, seminars, workshops, DIY projects, competitions and cultural events.
  2. Thorough spatial reorganization of 1/F to repurpose the space into different learning and activities zones including a 24-hour access reading room and computer laboratory rather than just an ocean of bookshelves.
  3. Upgrade the aging IT infrastructure to improve the reliability and performance of the computer facilities/IT equipment and to provide updated computing facilities for study and learning.
  4. Installation of an internal lift to reach all floors of the Library from 1/F to 4/F.