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Library Renovation and Spatial Reorganisation 2020 at Fong Sum Wood Library

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Why Is the Library being renovated?

1/F of the Library has never been renovated in the past 15 years, except for the Lobby and the Information Commons area. As reflected from the past Library Surveys, our users have a strong request to improve our physical settings and services of the Library. To meet with the changing needs of our users, this renovation reflects their ideas and requirements by providing more spaces, a better environment and comfortable furniture in the Library.

How long will the renovation take?

The construction part of the renovation project is expected to last for eight months. The construction work will commence in mid-December 2020, right after the examination of Term 1 2020/21, and will be completed by mid-August 2021. According to the tentative schedule, 1/F will be ready for use in the 2021/22 Term 1 while the newly built mezzanine floor will be ready for use in mid-October 2021 subject to the approvals from different government departments.

Who is responsible for the construction?

PangArchitect has been appointed to be the consultant of this renovation project. They are very experienced in the renovation of academic libraries. They propose to build an additional mezzanine floor in the Library which can provide innovative spaces for our users to inspire, to read, to experience, and to collaborate in the Library.

What has been done by the library to prepare for the closing of 1/F?

Before formulating the spatial reorganization and renovation plan, views/comments from different users have been collected via previous Library Surveys and Open Forums conducted in 2015 and 2016.

To prepare for the renovation project, we have converted a void area into a usable space at 3/F to cater for more bookshelves in summer 2019 and installed a new set of Compact Shelves on 3/F to house our collections in early 2020. With other space-saving measures implemented, 3/F of the Library can hold more than 60,000 volumes of books.

With support from the University, the Art Gallery at 3/F will be converted into a temporary storage for the Library during the renovation period. Bookshelves have been built in this area, and we will start to move books of LC Class H to this area in summer 2020. It is a closed stack area for staff retrieval during the renovation. The total number of books is around 100,000 volumes.

More study spaces will also be added to 2/F and 3/F with new and flexible furniture to be provided to meet the different needs of our users.

We hope that the above can help to reduce the nuisance caused to our users.

Will the Library stay open?

Yes, the Library will stay open during the entire renovation period. However, some facilities and services may be affected during the period. Library Entrance/Exit will be moved to the Multimedia and Language Learning Centre (MLLC) at 2/F. Some collections in the Library will be relocated to different floors and some of them may be packed in remote storage. If users need to access these materials, they can make a request via 1-Search or HKALL. For details of the affected services during the renovation period, please visit the “Services Affected and Measures to Mitigate Impact” for more information. If there is any further suspension of facilities/services during the renovation period, we will inform the users by posting notices in our website.

Will it be noisy and dusty during the construction period?

Yes, it is inevitable to have noise and dust during the renovation period, especially during the construction of the internal lift. All lecture theatres and classrooms on G/F of the Main Building will also be affected by noise. However, we target to complete the “noisiest” part of the project at the beginning of the construction work, that is, from mid-December 2020 to the New Year break. It is hoped that this arrangement can minimize the impact to our users. Also, we will enforce mitigate measures to reduce the noise and dust during the construction period as far as possible.

Will I be able to check out books?

Yes, the only change is that our Circulation Counter at 1/F will be moved to 2/F temporarily during the renovation period. In addition, some of the collections may be relocated to different parts of the library and storage. If you need to access these materials, you may make a request via 1-Search for physical retrieval. Alternatively, you can still use the HKALL service to request books/materials if needed. If you need assistance to search for any library materials, please ask our staff for help. We are here to help you throughout this process.

Our electronic collection of books and articles in the Library will remain unaffected during the renovation period. They will be available at any time and will be accessed from anywhere.

Will the computers and other facilities be available?

Yes, dedicated database workstations and other Public PCs will be available at MLLC at 2/F and 3/F during the renovation period.

Will there be Library workshops/training available?

Yes, we will continue to offer information literacy and user education training to our users during the renovation period.

Are the study rooms open during construction?

No. During the renovation period, all Individual Study Rooms and Faculty and Postgraduate Study Rooms at 1/F will be temporarily closed. However, additional study space is being created at the Mini Theatre.

More questions?

If you have any enquiry, please contact us at