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2016 Library User Satisfaction Survey



2015 Library User Satisfaction Survey Poster


2016 Library User Satisfaction Survey

This is the 20th annual user satisfaction survey conducted since 1997. Such a persistence reflects the commitment of the Library on providing excellent facilities, resources and services to the Lingnan Community. In the past few years, we were proud to report that how the Library had been liked by our users by scoring a new high overall satisfaction score each time. The average score continues to increase to 3.94 in 2016. Despite the slight positive increase of 0.1%, it should be noted that a score very close to 4 in a 5-point scale is not easy. It is the result of hard-working by the entire team of library staff.

There were 268 respondents this year, or 13% more people filling in the survey. For detail of the respondent profile, please visit:

Circulation and reference services continue to take the lead in user satisfaction. For other categories, higher satisfaction rates are witnessed in equipment and collection. The category which has the largest drop in satisfaction is relating to the environment. However, we should note that the provision of services and user responses are rather stable. The percentage increase or decrease for each major category are from 0.7% to -1.4%. Altogether 38 items related to services, resources and physical setup get surveyed. When compared with the 2015, the top 3 items that have the biggest percentage increase in satisfaction, are study carrels, e-book (English) and Chinese books. In contrast, cleanliness, security and air-conditioning record the biggest drop. For the details of the survey result, please visit:

1997-2016 Library User Satisfaction Survey Overall Satisfaction Mean Score (1-5, Least to Most)

2016 Library User Satisfaction Survey Satisfaction Mean Score (1-5, Least to Most)


In November 2015, with other 5 UGC libraries, we conducted the international LibQual+ survey. In the LibQual+ survey, we identified undergraduate students had the highest desire on quiet space for individual work, postgraduate students wanted the Library to respond to them more readily while academic staff preferred more electronic resources available. This year, the Library has been trying our best to respond to each of them.

Library Renovation Project

In summer 2015, an architectural company was engaged for providing consultancy work on the future layout and space usage of the Library. Public consultation had been conducted and two seminars were held for staff and student input and comments. With the support of the University management, two proposals have been submitted to the UGC for Additions, Alterations & Improvement Works Funding. Key features include an internal lift serving students with special needs. A mezzanine floor will be created for providing storage for collection growth and user activities. The central area on 2/F will be refurbished into a new mediatech. The Library workflow will also get enhanced from the new physical arrangement of counters and offices. The UGC had the first site visit in June 2016. If funding is approved, expectations on space can be better met.

Information Literacy for Postgraduate Students

The 8 UGC Libraries are now working on a Joint Universities Information Literacy Project. Through the development and implementation of shared interactive multimedia courseware, the information literacy standard in Hong Kong higher education will get enhanced. In the case of Lingnan, not only the undergraduate students will be benefitted, but also the postgraduate students will have better structured information literacy training particularly on research publication, scholarly communication, impact factor analysis, plagiarism and citation.

Library Collections

We appreciate your suggestions for improving the library collections. The Library is always looking for ways to provide as much information as we could to support the University’s teaching, learning and research needs. Responding to the faculty members’ wish on more electronic resources, Scopus has been subscribed from June 2016. Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature. It is used to measure the academic achievement by international ranking agencies. Other major database subscription this year include Capital IQ and South China Morning Post ePaper edition. We would like to subscribe to as many of them as possible as well. However, we have to work within our budget and find the best possible approach to maximize the collection budget. We will continue to work closely with academic departments to identify and select best journals and databases to support university programmes. Students and faculty are encouraged to reflect their needs for journals and databases to their departments. We are happy to work with all departments to fill our students’ needs whenever possible. Moreover, students and faculty are always welcome to make purchase or subscription recommendations via the Library’s online platform ( or by sending emails to the Library Collection Development team (

1-Search Discovery Service

Thank you for the suggestions for improving the functions of the 1-Search Discovery Service. Our Library and the other seven libraries of UGC-funded universities are working closely to implement a next generation web-scale discovery service which will use a common search interface to effectively deliver scholarly contents to library users. This new service is expected to go live in academic year 2017-18.

Computing Equipment

Thank you for your suggestions about computing, printing, and scanning services. We are pleased to report that:

  1. To improve the quality of network printing service, we will replace 5 Octopus network printers with new hardware in 2016-17.
  2. The “Scan to folder” function of the networked Octopus Photocopiers/Printers is available to all PCs in the Information Commons and the Multimedia and Language Learning Centre. Moreover, we will look into new ways such as establishing dedicated scanning stations and adding high speed scanners to enhance the scanning service.
  3. The Google Chrome browser is installed on all public PCs.
  4. We have been actively working with the ITSC to conduct network speed tests and look for solutions to improve loading speed of the University and Library websites in the Library building. Currently the bottleneck of network speed for the Library 1/F is the CAT5 cabling system which was built 20 years ago. To solve the problem completely, we are looking for a complete overhaul of the network cabling system during the Library Renovation Project pending 2017-2019. In the short run, we will work with the ITSC to implement improvement measures such as replacing network switches or using Wi-Fi connections to alleviate the problem.

Special Education Need (SEN) students support
We also like to report on how the Library is meeting the learning needs of SEN (Special Education Need) students this year. The Photocopying Room in the North Wing of Library 1/F will be converted to a “Special Needs Room” where special equipment, furniture and software will be available for users of visual impairment or users who require special assistance in learning from the academic year 2016-17.


Because the dissatisfaction on air-conditioning is shared by some students over the past few years, the Library has contacted the Facilities Management Division of the Comptroller’s Office for good solutions. Maintenance works on a/c units will be conducted in summer 2016. Temperature data will also be regularly recorded. We shall try different methods to see if improvement can be made.

Once again, we must thank you for your support to the Library which enables us to deliver an efficient service. Apart from giving us your impression on a 5-point scale, your written comments are useful in guiding us for improvement and future development. The Lingnan University is named as a top 10 liberal arts university in Asia. We sincerely wish that you would find your expectation on learning, teaching and research are always met in the Library. As always, your comments are valuable to us to improve our services and please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any comments or suggestions:

Fong Sum Wood Library
Lingnan University
Jul 2016

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