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Fantasia of Hong Kong Films (Digital Imaging Student Art Exhibition)

FANTASIA OF HONG KONG FILMS (Digital Imaging Student Art Exhibition)
Exhibition Period: Dec 1, 2017- Feb 7, 2018
Venue: Fong Sum Wood Library

Fantasia of Hong Kong Films


In the studio course “Digital Imaging,” each student selected one of their favorite Hong Kong films and developed his or her art project based on inspiration from it. Instead of making a large-scale sculpture or full-sized installation, students worked with imaging applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustration and SketchUp in the production of 3D paper models of the artwork on a 1:25 scale. In that limited space, unlimited possibilities of different art expressions were explored based on various selected movies and their contexts.
In many early pictorial manuscripts, codices, tapestries, paintings, photographs and comics, an image was not presented in isolation. Instead, multiple images were arranged in series, sequences or in the form of collages. In those cases, the works further afford exciting narrative potential across the vague gap between their image components: they allow room for imagination and subjective understanding, invite readings across various spatial and temporal dimensions, depict motion among still images, express various emotional transitions, and create synesthetic experiences between depiction and perception. In the studio course “Digital Imaging II: Visual Narratives,” we examine closely the narratology of juxtaposed imagery and comic art in practice. Each student has developed his or her own artistic image(s) and completed a large-scale digital print based on his/her fantasy of a Hong Kong film.