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China Information Resources

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Selected Online Resources Subscribed by Lingnan University Library

contains over 286,000 statistical data series of China on national, provincial and municipal level. (No. of concurrent users = 5)


contains over 286,000 statistical data series of China on national, provincial and municipal level. ( No. of concurrent users = 5) [Remark: Please click the "Guest Access" button to access to the database]

search China InfoBank for newspaper articles, business reports, listed company news of stock A and B, statistics, laws and legal news of China.


provides company financial information and trading statistics of listed companies in China. Includes both A Shares and B Shares.


contains a comprehensive set of laws and regulations of China at both the central and provincial levels.***(To access the database: please click on the “Login in” button for Westlaw China subscriber.)


search Wisenews for newspaper articles from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau.


search CNKI for full text articles from key humanities and social sciences journals published in China from 1915.


Selected In-Library-Access Electronic Resources Subscribed by Lingnan University Library

  • People's Daily 人民日報 on CDROM (Lingnan in-library use)

search headline keywords from 1949 to 1995; full text image on CDROM from 1978 to 1992; searchable full text from 1993 onwards.


  • 中國人民大學書報資料中心 複印報刊資料全文數據光盤 1995- (Lingnan in-library use)

contains selected full text articles from newspaper and journals published in China in the areas of social sciences & humanities


  • 九十年代合訂本光碟檢索資料庫 (Lingnan in-library use)

contains full-text of the Nineties and the Seventies from the first to the last issue (No. 1 - 340; 2/1970 - 5/1998)


  • Archive of Key Writings and Speeches on China Reform 1978-98 改革開放二十年重要文獻庫  on CDROM
  • China Monthly Statistics (on CDROM) (Lingnan in-library use)

contains monthly statistics of China from 1999 on


  • 中國人口普查 Chinese Population Census 1953 - 1995 (Lingnan in-library use)

contains major demographic indicators from 1953, 1964, 1982, 1990 and 1995 census / by-census in China


  • China Laws for Foreign Business  (on CDROM) (Lingnan in-library use)

contains business regulations and China laws for foreign business, taxation and customs products (bilingual in Chinese and English)


Selected Information Available Free on the Internet