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Thank you for your following comment to the Library. Please note that we stop the display of new materials, i.e. books and AV materials, during the term breaks given the fact that less number of staff and students will come to the Library that time or they will not come as often as term time. By doing so, a user can check out the materials as soon as they are processed for learning or research off campus. Although it may not be meeting your expectation, such an arrangement should better meet the need of staff and students during this period of time.


If we can assist you further, please feel free to contact us.



Tommy Yeung (Dr.)

Associate Librarian

Lingnan University
The AV material display is stopped in the sem. break, it is not user friendly for the alumni, since we won't go to library frequently library and we also can't hold the material as other University. So if we want to borrow some AV material, no one can prove that I can borrow it in future. So if you keep doing the display period, it is good for student and alumni, especially the cost of display seems very low. Pls kindly advise comments upon receipt, thanks!